“One health”, dernier mot du G7 des ministres de la santé (Nagazaki, mais 2023)

Dernier paragraphe du Communiqué du G7 de la santé

One Health Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the need for improved multisectoral and transdisciplinary
collaboration and links between health of people, animals and ecosystems, in countries and
regions globally. We emphasise the need to reduce the risk of future public health emergencies
resulting from climate change, pollution and environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss,
and to promote early prevention and detection of zoonotic spillover and spillback, potential

pandemic pathogens and novel strains; data, sample and information gathering and sharing;
cross-sectoral R&D for multisectoral infectious disease issues; strengthening both the public
health and animal health workforces; and collaborative actions to prevent or respond to health
threats at the human-animal-environment interface. In this regard, we recognise the
importance of implementing the relevant targets in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity
Framework. We acknowledge the importance of taking the One Health approach by
strengthening national-, regional- and global-level collaboration and establishing a contextspecific cooperative framework across multiple sectors, including the health of humans, animals
and ecosystems, as well as food safety, water, environment and agriculture with a whole-ofsociety and a whole-of-government approach, including for tackling AMR. To this end, we will
hold a high-level technical meeting on the theme of One Health with the participation of all
relevant ministries, stakeholders and other partners in the second half of 2023 to discuss
required measures and collaborative actions. We also recognise that the Quadripartite plays a
key role at the international level, and note the One Health Joint Plan of Action developed by
these organisations, and support its leadership in consultation with Member States. We also
welcome complementary and relevant international initiatives which aim at preventing the
emergence of zoonotic diseases, such as PREZODE (Preventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence)
and ZODIAC (the ZOonotic Disease Integrated ACtion), as well as the One Health High Level
Expert Panel, its work and its definition of the One Health approach.